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Commissions I have done

I will NOT draw: mechas, extreme gore 

About NSFW commissions

Urgent commissions/commissions with close deadline will have to pay an extra of 10$

Prices can change according the complexity. 

The price will be 10% off if the commission is related to a fandom I’m right now

Payment method: ONLY PAYPAL

Send me an email here:

with the next info:  

Your tumblr or deviantart’s name
Commission: (sketch, flat or full color)
Information: (name, serie, personality, etc etc)
Description: (pose, action, background, drawing style (if you don’t specify it means I’m free to choose)
Visual reference: (pictures of your character)

After you sent me your e-mail, I’ll answer you with my paypal for the payment.

When it’s finished I’ll send you the illustration full resolution (350dpi).
The digital size  of the drawings usually are around 2893 x 4092 pixels
It changes a little depend of the drawings.
The Icon of course is 500x500pixels

Free Slots: 10

Done in payment order

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I need some work, please.


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All I wanna be is some who gets to see a giant woman.

Hey I just recently got a drawing pad and was wondering if you had any tips on how to use it properly?

just practice.
there’s not really tips I can give you about it xDu

kenny, pip, and damien (they are all south park characters xD hahah)

haha, cute :3

What 3 fictional characters do you most associate me with?


Do not repost my shit.

Do not repost my shit.

Do not repost my shit.



drawing made on paintchat

here are the photos of the thing I was talking about yesterday on the stream. 
the Burning of Judas
Pretty much is people making a doll with look of someone who is a traitor (or they hate) and burn it.
of course this one is a doll of the president Maduro.